About us...

So who are we?

The Junkyard Dogs are a 4-piece band based in West London but we play across a far wider area than that - see here.

In the last few years we have played pubs, clubs, parties and festivals, indoors and out, daytime and evening. We bring our own PA and lightshow. We don't throw televisions into swimming pools. Unless you ask very nicely.

The great majority of our gigs are repeat visits ... we rarely play a pub without being invited back.

Rick - slide guitar and vocals
Simon - lead guitar
Jack - bass and vocals
Paul - drums and vocals

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Listen to our mp3 tracks.

All are live recordings at real gigs, taken using either a Zoom H2 Handheld recorder or with a Zoom R16 8-track Mobile Desk.
All are single-take recordings with no studio trickery to "improve" things later.

What you hear is what you get - if you had been standing by the bar at maybe the George IV (Chiswick) or the Barley Mow (Shepperton) on the night, then this is what you would have heard.

What do we play? Have a look at our Song List. This is NOT a complete list, it's just the songs that we have played at recent gigs, but it should be enough to show you that we play songs from the 70's plus/minus five years or so.

Junkyard Dogs live

How do we choose them? Our aim is to play stuff that makes the audience think "Great - I haven't heard this in years!". But above all, we play the stuff that we enjoy. We like to have fun while we're playing.

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The Junkyard Dogs repertoire is broad and varied, enabling us to tailor the performance to the venue or audience. If we play a "rock pub", you can expect more rock.

If the audience prefers blues, or country, or funk, then that's what we'll do. Just let us know beforehand!

Although we are mainly a pub rock band, we can do far more than that. We are happy to play acoustic and semi-acoustic sets (acoustic guitars, double-bass, cajon & percussion), and Rick is also a versatile solo artist when we let him off the leash.

We have no interest in playing outrageously loud. If the audience has to take refuge in the garden, then we're doing something wrong. For gigs with a sound limiter, we use a high-quality electronic drum kit to ensure that we always retain control of sound levels, and keep a balanced sound to the band.

We very rarely play requests on the night. If there's something in particular that you want, then again just let us know beforehand ... we'd much rather play your song properly.

Junktard Dogs live


There's loads more stuff about The Junkyard Dogs in these pages so click a link and start exploring.

And feel free to get in touch especially if you want to book us for your pub, event, private party, whatever... - you won't be disappointed.