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"...This is the Junkyard Dogs website but, seeing as I operate it (with a LOT
of help from people who actually understand these things), I reckon it's OK
to award myself a page to play with..."

"...Anything on this page is entirely down to me, and should not be blamed on
the band or on Rick, Si or Paul..."



Below is a talk given to a roomful of bass players (but applies equally to guitarists, sax players and any musician who has to sling something heavy around the neck or shoulders) at Basschat.co.uk's "SouthEast BassBash" on 1st November 2014 by Junkyard Dogs bassist Jack Nicole (aka Happy Jack).

Jack: "...These stretches are excellent - and discreet - preparation for any musician about to rehearse or perform, and especially if they will be playing an instrument that puts weight and stress on the arms, shoulders and back..."

Online bass mag No Treble also ran an article on fitness for bassists.

Favourite Music Websites
- Basschat - the main European website for bass players
- Barefaced - lightweight British bass cabs
- Hofner - Steve Russell's comprehensive website

Bass Photogallery
- all these instruments have been in Jack's possession at some point

More Junkyard Dogs antics
- "Maggie’s Farm" posing
- "Whatever You Want" with inflatable air guitarist

Jack’s other bands

King Ralph (Facebook)  
King Ralph

Music Video: "Lucky Day"
(from a gig at The Tap On The Line pub)
Members: Ralph Brookfield,
Paul Haydon, Jack Nicole
Long String Hawkers (Facebook)
Long String Hawkers

Video of "La La Blues "
(Long String Hawkers perform "La La Blues" at
East Barnet, 03 July 2016)
Mick’s Lawmen (Facebook)  
Mick's Lawmen
Video of "Baby Please Don’t Go"
(from a gig at The Fiddler’s Elbow pub)
Members: Michael Law,
Gonçalo Charneca, Jack Nicole
Dani Molino (Facebook)  
Dani Molino

Making of the No Longer In Kansas EP
Members: Daniel Molino,
Damien Thill, Jack Nicole
and several other awesome session musicians

The Sapphire Grooves (Facebook)  
The Sapphire Grooves

(from a gig at Kew Village Market).
Members: Catherine Hastings, Neil Pearce,
Graham Goldwater, Jack Nicole
Kareña K (Facebook)  
Karena K

Acoustic band video medley
(from a gig at Proud Camden)
Members: Kareña K, Alan Taylor,
Paul Haydon, Jack Nicole

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Junkyard Dogs live

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