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This website is designed to tell you everything you need to know about us.

If you book us, you get either 3 x 45-minute sets (if the music runs to midnight) or 2 x 45-minute sets (for an 11pm close) and a proper "show" ... lights obviously, but we can also do smoke and lasers. The photos on this page give an idea of what we mean.

If you want smoke and lasers, PLEASE check first that this won't call out the local Fire Brigade!

Each set, and especially the final, is always designed to be danceable and to contain a very high proportion of crowd-pleasers, so we are prepared for the inevitable encores, which may run over-time. We normally budget on 60 minutes for the last "45-minute" set.

If too much volume is an issue, then we bring an electronic drumkit (the "leccy kit") with us, allowing us to reduce the overall volume of the band without losing our sound or balance. Few bands actually like playing with a Sound Limiter but we have done it many times.

If you're still worried about volume even with the leccy kit in action, no problem - we can put the entire band through the PA (no backline, no hugely loud guitar amps) and control the volume of the entire band with a single slider.

Some venues are looking to move away from full-on rock bands at the moment, so we also offer semi-acoustic "unplugged" gigs ... the same material, but performed in a quieter, more laid-back style. We use acoustic guitars, double bass, and the drummer uses a cajon (a wooden box that you sit on and play with your hands).

At the other extreme, if too little volume is an issue, because you wish us to play a large venue or an outdoor event, no problem - we have several PA systems, and we can certainly meet your needs.
We usually have a photographer with us and we can make photos and videos from each gig available to the venue for use on their website or Facebook page, if requested.

If you want MP3s for your venue's website, then that’s easily arranged too. We frequently record our gigs on a handheld recorder and those recordings can be made available.

We drop off high-quality A4 and A3 (double-size) posters at least two weeks before the gig, earlier on request. Our posters carry a QR Code which allows your customers to access our website directly from their smart-phones, check out what sort and quality of band we are, and review our songlist so they have a good idea of what music we play.

We distribute shiny band flyers at many of our gigs, mainly when we are new to an area. Again, if it will help the venue with marketing the gig, we can supply band flyers beforehand.

It takes a bit of time to build any sort of following in a new area. With venues where we haven’t played before, we prefer to book a cluster of gigs over a few months, as opposed to one single gig, and see how things have gone once your regulars have heard us play a couple of times. We can do that with confidence, because when we play a venue for the first time, we routinely get invited back for more gigs.

We've been playing around West London (and beyond) for many years with the same line-up, and we've done hundreds of gigs in that time. Whatever it is you need from a band at your venue, chances are we've done it before and we can make it happen for you.

If you'd like to talk (and especially if you have your Music Events Diary to hand) please call Jack on 07951 108682 or use the email facility on this website.

Junkyard Dogs at The White Bear, Ruislip Junkyard Dogs
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Junkyard Dogs at The White Bear, Ruislip
Junkyard Dogs
Junkyard Dogs at The White Bear, Ruislip
Junkyard Dogs

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